Join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest co-op member, Michael Ludgate

 @michael_ludgate Photography!
Michael's beautiful photographs are now available at Handwork Co-op in a variety of sizes, located in our third room. We also carry Michael's greeting cards in our first room.
About the Artist:
"I grew up in Tompkins County and started recording B&W images in grade school with a Kodak Brownie my mom gave me. A few years later, while starting high school, I invested my summer earnings from our roadside market in my first SLR film camera – a Pentax. It was wonderful. With help from some photo mentors, I built a darkroom in the basement of the farmhouse, and I would time-share the space with my photography friends. Meanwhile, in school, I was a candid photographer for the yearbook and president of the HS photo club. Fast forward to now: I use mostly Adobe Lightroom CC for post-processing images – no more chemicals! My camera is a Canon full-frame DSLR with a small collection of Canon L-series lenses. Meanwhile, I love to take photos of the outdoors; I spend many hours hiking around here near my home, mostly in the Caroline and Dryden fields, forests, and backroads." -Mike