Kari Zelson Robertson

Kari Zelson Robertson

The medium of clay itself is pretty inspirational to me. I just love the transformation of the stuff. A ceramic artist develops and refines creative ideas throughout "the thousand stages" of clay, from wet and plastic, to nearly glass-like. I love that creating pieces in ceramics allows me the chance to satisfy my urge to design in three dimensions and also add something to the world which can be used by other people. For me, it becomes social in that way. Also the work is engaging to produce because it is always about problem solving, involving my mind and hands as such. I get an idea. How will I build it? How can it be used? Who will buy it? These are just the start of so many questions to be asked and answered. 

My work is inspired by water. I am endlessly intrigued by it, the grace and flow, the importance of clean water on the planet, and the life forms dependent upon it, now and in geologic time. In my "Water Series" work you will find frogs, fish, fossils, graceful asymmetric waving lines and carvings. The other arm of my work, the "Arc Series" is  based in abstract design. It is simplistic, architectural, minimalist, with strong lines and curves. The "Arc Series" pieces are usually black and white, sometimes with a touch of blue. 

My customers appreciate the option of purchasing a sculptural piece that provides an artistic focal point, and that functions to heighten enjoyment of sharing food with family and friends, or adding an unusual element to their decor.

All of my current ceramic work is functional, food safe, made to be used as charcuterie boards, platters, cups, serving bowls of all sizes, appetizer trays, vases, bottles.

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